Need Help with ASTM and Meditech LIS

I’m trying to interface an ABX Pentra 80 XL with Meditech LIS. The analyzer currently works with an old DG Magic Terminal Server. On a Digi PortServer TS 8, I can get data into the serial but not out when I use a printer default serial profile but Meditech can connect to the port. I get serial data in and out with the terminal serial profile but then Meditech can’t connect to the serial port. I am using Digi’s EIA-232 altpin RJ-45 8-pin to DB-9 wiring scheme. I also implemented software flow control on the port. Thanks.

Which side is establishing the connection, the Meditech host or the attached ABX Pentra 80 XL?

The “terminal” profile is not a passive setting, meaning the PortServer will open the port (with login or an autoconnect) thus blocking in-bound connections.

The “printer” profile is passive and would allow in-bound (network) connections from the Meditech host. When using this profile the “auto” setting needs to be off to avoid a race condition.