Node Discovery Timeout (NT) Value

It seems that NT is a 16bit value but in datasheet it’s described as 1 byte (default 0x3C). This is true for 802.15.4 modules but my ZB module reports 2 bytes in response.


you are right. I noticed this a few days ago, too.

How to contact Digi to correct this?

What happens if you send 2 bytes? Is it rejected as an error?

I can mention this to some supprot guys, but just because you must send 1 bytes doesn’t mean you’ll only receive 1 byte as response.

For example I have seen cases where 0x00 (zero) might be returned as 1, 2 or 4 bytes. In all cases I’d suggest your code be resiliant enough to handle over-sized responses. If there are leading zeros, it would not be an error. if the larger data violates the rules, that would be a problem.

What happens if you send 2 bytes? Is it rejected as an error?

Yes, if you send back 2 bytes (so the same as you receive) it will not be saved. You need to send 1 byte.

A can agree with you about handling different size of returned values but i think two things should be present:

  • this should be written in documentation
  • module should accept the same value it returns

Before i was just using the first byte of response (which is 0x00) and this was the reason by network search wasn’t returning anything (It was finished before it started).