Only one character repeating?

Good afternoon,

Simple setup… I have one ‘end user’, one ‘coordinator’. Both in AT mode. A pic micro-controller sends two characters to the ‘end user’ Din port…The characters are A3h and 12h with 40ms pause between each, then repeats.

The coordinator is receiving and outputting on Dout port the character ‘A3h’ only and this repeats over and over. Why is ‘A3h’ transmitted, but not the second character ‘12h’?

I thought setting RO to ‘0’ would certainly cure this, no joy.

All above confirmed with oscilloscope.

Any insight is greatly appreciated,

I would suggest restoring to defaults. Then using XCTU, configure the radios for unicsat addressing using the 16 bit function.

Thanks, figured out it was due to my using 9 bit words for addressing. For the first character, the 9th bit was a 1, so no big deal, xbee treated it like a typical stop bit. For the second character, the 9th bit was a 0, xbee didn’t like that, once I changed it to a 1, both characters were transmitted.

I thought AT mode was supposed to be ‘transparent’, as in what ever I put in gets through to the other side, but not so. Evidently, this is not so… the Xbee was checking for proper framing of whatever comes in on Din prior to transmission.

That’s correct. Regardless of what you send, it still need to be properly framed with respect to 8 data bits, No parity and 1 stop bit.