Optimize Boot time

I would like to disable some features during boot up which will (i think) will help to reduce Boot time. Below features are not require.


Any others?

Please let me know if i can disable it in the Yocto build?

like this?


Am i correct? How about WIFI?



if you do not need wireless or BT, why not use a non-wireless module? Or you can just use a device tree for a non-wireless module and it will not include drivers for the radio. The easiest way to disable drivers you do not use is via device tree.

Yes. I know it. At the moment I have the 6+ Dev Board. Do you have any board similar to 6+ minus BT and wireless?

We do have the cc-mx-ll7c-ml non-wireless cc6+ variant. Please contact your local digi sales representative for more details on how to purchase it.

Some details on this particular P/N: ConnectCore i.MX6DualPlus, Extended Commercial, 800 MHz,-25 to 85C 4 GB flash, 1 GB DDR3, Ethernet, excludes MCA, excludes secure element