Packet-check program now at v1.5

I’ve just updated the packet-check program to version 1.5. (See XBee Resources in the pinned posts at the start of the forum.)

There are just two changes:

  1. packet-check now can take a new command line option -sc. It’s for a specific case, where you’re decoding the response to an ED (energy scan) command. If you have such a packet and you invoke packet-check as (eg)
    ./packet-check.tcl -sc
    replacing with the hex value of the SC parameter from the XBee, then packet-check will see which channels are enabled and will report channel numbers along with the dBm figures. In all other cases it doesn’t hurt to supply the -sc option, but it will be ignored. Example invocation:
    ./packet-check.tcl -sc 1ffe

  2. Fixed a bug where a corrupt line states packet would cause packet-check to crash.