Password Complexity option?

Is anyone using the Password Complexity option on DigiCMs, using FW ver 1.9.3, and getting "Bad password complexity errors upon resetting a password??

Here is the information from the DigiCM users guide pg 83:
Password Security
To enhance password security, you can use these settings:
• Minimum password length - Allows passwords that are 3 to 255 characters
long; also allows spaces in passwords
• Maximum password age - Specified in days. To disable this setting, enter 0.
• Enforce password complexity - Cannot include all or part of a user’s
account name. Passwords must be at least eight characters long. If you
enable Minimum Password Length, passwords can be 8-255 characters
long and must include three of these four categories of characters:
• English uppercase characters (A-Z)
• English lowercase characters (a-z)
• Base 10 digits (0-9)
• Non-alphabetic characters (!, $, #, %, and so on)
• Enforce password history - Cannot reuse the last nine passwords

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I tried to turn it on and get same result as you