PIC bootloader thru and Xbee Pro

Hello… I am trying to implement Microchip’s AN1310 bootloader romotely thru 2 Xbee Pro modual’s.

The got serial comm’s working ok thru the Xbee’s to the PIC 16f887
but when I use the AN1310 terminal from Microchip, the bootload function does not work.

What I am seeing wrong is in order to enter bootload on the PIC, the RX pin on the PIC must be held low during a reset on the PIC.
The AN1310 terminal does this in direct connect, but when the Xbee’s are in place the RX pin is high.

The DIN pin of the transmitting Xbee is held low but the recieving
Xbee DOUT pin is high.

I assume this is because the Xbee is looking for a valid serial information on DIN and not just a solid logic level.

Has anyone tried this or know how to make this work with AN1310?

Thanks… Brice.