Please help me set the bitfield for the Transmit Options (want to disable ACK)

Can you please tell me how to set the bitfield for the TO (Transmit Options) setting in order to disable ACK for a Pro device that’s using the 10k firmware? If I was using the 200k firmware I could’ve used the example in the manual, but I don’t understand bitfields in order to do the same for the 10k firmware. Thanks!

You don’t on that product. You only have two options. The first is to use 0x40 which is for Point to multi-point mode and 0x80 for Repeater/directed broadcast mode. You would need to use Broadcast mode to keep any ACK’s from occurring.

Could you please provide the link to the Transmit Options specification ? I am trying to understand what options I can set, but am having no luck finding that online.
PS: I’m specifically looking for tx options for S2 modules.

Have you looked on page 158 of the product manual located at

That was perfect, thank you !