Port 9-16 not usable

I do have a DL-160 which is driven by a Sun workstation, port 2=>8 are used for differents sub-system , for X reasons port 8 won’t work anymore , as there’s a free ports , I try to use them but no way to establish the link with ports 9=>16 .
Loopback test (with loop back connector )works but when I try to connect my sub-system ,noway to make the connection , all link are created under /dev/dty from el1001=>el1016 .
Any reccomendations will be helpful .
How long is the warranty for the DL-160 ?

Warranty on our products is 5 years. If you supply the serial number we can confirm whether or not its still under warranty.

As for the ports issue, if you can successfully loopback test the port, the hardware/installed driver are fine. Best bet would be to check the serial parameters on the server side (stty -a < /dev/dty/xxxxx, where xxxx is the actual device you’re testing) and compare them with the settings on whatever is plugged into the port. Cabling would also be suspect, so try plugging a known-working device and cable into the port rather than what’s currently plugged into it.

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Hi Michael,

Following the S/N of the faulty one : V31352427

Since that ,a new DIGI DL-160 one has been installed , port 1->8 could be driven , none from 9->16 could not ,same as the faulty .

  • the port 7 drives usually a VEXTA controler , this ctlr has been tested on port 1->8 => OK , noway to drive it from the other ports .

  • had a look on configuration ,symbolic link workstation side , all ports (1-16) seem to be declared/configured on the same way .

  • these tests were performed per your suggestion , this is to confirm that no doubt on software/hardware configuration .

  • Any tip ,bkm to test/configure all ports are welcome , we may need another port to drive a new ctlr in a near future , should we use port 9-16 could become a nightmare.

  • Would you check the S/N of the faulty device about the warranty ?

  • How do I process if the warranty is still running ?

Many thanks for your support .

Regards !

Eric Rasoamanana

That product is an Etherlite 160, and its under warranty until 4/4/2008. Best thing to do at this point would be to call Technical Support at 952-912-3456 or open a case via our Online Support Request form: http://www.digi.com/support/eservice/eservicelogin.jsp