Portserver 8 and SCO

Hello all,

I have inherited a SCO Openserver 5.05 machine that is currently running two Portservers at remote offices. I need to add another Portserver at a new office. I have looked around on this subject but I have found conflicting docs. Some docs say to use /usr/bin/drpadmin other docs say that the entire driver needs to be reloaded. I cannot find drpadmin on the box does this mean I have a very old driver? If so how can I tell what version of the driver I have?


–michael kotschi

If drpadmin does not exist, chances are you are using an older driver. This can be confirmed with the following command from the UNIX root prompt:

swconfig | grep igi

If it is the older 2.x version of the driver, simply remove it and install the latest available for download from our web-site so a reinstallation will not need to be performed in the future.

Thanks, Yes it looks like the older driver, this is what I get:

DigiWARE for RealPort Driver 2.4.4 installed

What is the best way to backup the config if something gets hosed up? Any particular directories to backup etc?

–michael kotschi

You will want to back up the /etc/inittab, /etc/ttytype and the /etc/conf/init.d/ncxa files to keep the existing port settings. Print spoolers will not be affected.

The /etc/rc2.d/S86ncxa file will contain the current PortServer configuration information that will not need to be restored, however it should be kept for the IP and port information when re-adding the units in the new driver.