Portserver TS to Infortrend RAID controller


I need to make a cable which connects a Infortrend RAID controller to a Portserver TS. The serial port on the Infortrend RAID controller is an Audio Jack.

There is a cable supplied (AutoJack to DB9) The manual of the Portserver tell’s me this:

1,2,3 on the autojack go to DB9 (Male) port 5,3,2

DB9 <-> Audio Jack

2 <-> 3
3 <-> 2
5 <-> 1

*on the DB9:
Pin 4 and Pin 6 are short
Pin 7 and Pin 8 are short

I can connect it to my PC but with an NULL modem between my PC and the Infortrend RAID controller.

Can anyone tell me the cable pin layout?


  • Brendan

You would need a null modem between Digi and the DB9 end of that adapter cable as well.

It seems that the RAID controller might have a DTE interface. If you can confirm/deny this, as well as provide the meanings of the signals on the Audio Jack we might be able to help you come up with an Audio Jack to Digi cable.

If you want to go AudioJack-to-DB9 adapter, then DB9-Digi, the following cable should work for you:


The cable did work but I had to remove the NULL modem. ( I guess my cable was not correct ;)). I’ve tried to contact Infortrend Support but I have not had a response.

Thanks a lot.

  • Brendan