Portserver won't connect over Wlan

I have a portserver/8 in a remote building.
I have set up a Wlan to that building using a Linksys bridge (WET54G) in the remote and a Netgear WG302 in the main building.

I can ping both access points from PC’s and have full access to my network over this line to and from PC’s.

The portserver can ping local PC’s.
The portserver can not ping local bridge, (PC can)
Remotely, I can ping the PC’s and access points but not the portserver.

Thinking the portserver may have gone bad, I dropped in another box, but it had the same results.

The Access points are not filtering anything, and while I am setting this up there is not any encryption or security enabled. (will add that after I get the connection working)

Any Ideas?

Thanks for looking at this and any ideas you may come up with.

This sounds like a networking/config issue, either in the topology of the network and its configuration or in the configuration of the Portserver itself.

To accurately troubleshoot this issue though, it would be best if you contact Technical Support so we can take a look at your Portserver configuration and get a better description of the network. You can call us at 952-912-3456 or fill out an online support request form.