Problems Loading Programs on DigiConnect WiEM / NS7520

I have recently purchased a DigiConnect WiEM development board and I look forward to developing my own application to load on the unit. I was able to install the software, compile the BSP and template, and load both onto the unit. Everything went really well after following the instructions in the “NET+Works with GNU Tools Getting Started Guide”. I am extremely new to the work of embedded development, but it all seems pretty straight forward. My problem is that when I remove power from the board, the program I loaded (the template application and BSP) are gone on reboot. Also, ALL of my settings are returned to default, including the serial number and even root password. My assumption is that the code is running from RAM and when I remove power, it loses everything; so I think I am missing a step. I have read through nearly all of the documentation that came with the unit as well as everything on the website here (they were the same documents) and I can’t figure out what is up. Is the unit supposed to do that? Am I missing something with the jumpers? Do I really need to reset everything in order to demo our applications to our client?! Please tell me what I am missing, it’s driving me crazy. -Joe

I should note that this also happens with the example code that is supplied as well. This is also true with sample code I have downloaded from the website. Parhaps it’s a default configuration in the BSP? I would also like to add that if I make my settings on the device but don’t load any application onto the unit, removing the power has no adverse effects. IT boots back up with all my settings and jumps right on the network. Like I said before, this is driving me crazy.