Problems wr44r python script

We are using a WR44R router with cellular connection to send data from a moving device to the cloud.

The router is running a python script that sends a http request at certain events.
Sometimes we have a bad connection during this script (cellular) then the request fails.
So we added a stack that holds the requests and tries them again at the next event.

Here is our problem:
When one request fails we get the error HTTPException that holds an empty object.
From then on no request get send. This until the script is terminated and rerun.

The python script seems to not be able to make connection anymore when the cellular connection is temporary lost.

Are there any ways to know in python code the status of the cellular connection?

We really need help here, this is a big project for us where this router is the central point of communication.

Hi Marvin

you might want to post this in the python section as they might have some ideas of how to solve your issue