Profile attribute data for SE certificate

This will probably sound like a dumb question. I need to get a handful of test certificates. I’ve been through the Certicom process, and now I’m being asked for “Profile Attribute Data” in the cert creation form.

What are the pieces of data that go into the field and where do I find them? ProfileId makes sense, that’s the SE profile. But where do I get the certificate type, manufacter id and “customer data”?


The “Subject ID” field is the 64-bit hex MAC address of the RF module you’re generating the test cert for.

The “Profile Attribute Data” field should be 01091000108700000000.

The “Public Key” field is optional, so this can be left blank.

Hello. I have additional information which was sent to me from Certicom regarding the “Profile Attribute Data” field…

Profile Attribute Data:
The format of the 10 bytes of Profile Attribute Data field is provided in our certificate request tool user guide, among other places. The purpose is to bind a manufacturer ID and optional manufacturer-specific data to the device MAC address. The manufacturer specific data could be something like a model number, country code or utility customer info, for instance.

While does not care what MAC address or Profile Attribute Data you use for Test certificates, Production certificate requests must provide unique MAC addresses for each device and a valid Profile Attributed data for the Profile ID and MFG ID fields…

For test certificates we don’t care what is used although the ZigBee stack should check that the Profile ID is 0109. This is to aid in development since both positive and negative cases should be used in testing…

For production certificates the Profile Attribute data that the customer supplies to Certicom in certificate requests overwritten in some areas by our CA (e.g. Cert version), in other areas we check for validity, e.g. that the MFG ID matches the company requesting the certificate.

You should confirm your MFG ID from the ZigBee Alliance, the values we expect are hex characters. We use ab:cd in the example.
For the 10 bytes of Profile Attribute data – the fields are as follows:

Profile ID (2 bytes=01:09) – set by requestor, validated by CA

+cert version (2 bytes =00:00) - set by requestor, overwritten by CA)

+manufacture ID(2 bytes = ab:cd) – set by requestor as their MFG ID, validated by CA

+customer data(4 bytes = xx:xx:xx:xx) – set by requestor, ignored by CA

I hope this helps, Nathan