Promiscuous Mode for XBee-Pro

In my current application, I have one Coordinator and one End-Device. Originally I wanted to have the Coordinator broadcast to any End-Device. This way I could have another End-Device used for debugging and allow monitoring data sent by the Coordinator.

However, using broadcast adds sufficient latency to commands being sent, even when only one Coordinator and one end device. After reviewing other post, I changed to unicast, and the latency was improved drastically.

Is there a way similar to ethernet devices to have a promiscuous mode for an XBee-Pro, such that I can received all data on a PAN? Is there another network topology that would allow this?

With the entire PAN setup for unicast mode, there would be no way of a new module to “sniff” the activity on that PAN.

That being said, some manufacturers do make sniffing equipment, such as Ember’s Insight Desktop.

Just for curiosity, HOW can I have my hands on the Ember’s Insight Desktop? Having own S2, S2C radio modules, I would like to sniff what’s going on in the air. These parts do classify under the Ember series that it supports for Ember’s Insight (EM 25X and 35X)

Such sniffers are ‘professional’ grade toys, so you are looking at multiple thousand us$$.

I was going to say that the Frontline MeshDecoder is inexpensive and works well enough for non encrypted networks, but I see they have discontinued it. Sigh.