Pull up on IRQ

On XBee ZB Programmable, is it possible to have a GPIO input pin in IRQ mode also have the internal pull-up enabled?

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In version 1.1.4 you can enable an internal pull-up through the radio pins (ATPR command) in most of GPIO pins. The internal pulls of FSL microprocessor can be enabled but due to the edge algorithm it will not work because it toggles from a pull-up to a pull-down.

In fact, the IRQs are configured as level and the edges are detected by toggling the detection level each time the gpio_isr() is entered. This was improved in SDK’s next version that will be released soon and it configures the pull-ups in S2B and pull-up/down in S2C modules automatically, also a problem with a fake-edge detection on startup was solved.

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Thanks. I have a contact closure from a rain gauge, the closure could be quick so I wanted it to be interrupt driven … but it needs a pull-up. I suppose that I should just add one externally …

Sebastian, since you help me so much, I thought I should show you what I am working on:


Really nice Chris! Thaks for sharing =)

There is an XBee Project Gallery. You may want to submit your project: gallery.digi.com.

How is that Xmas ligths controller doing?

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