Purpose of reset button on XBee modules


What does this mean:

“Reset button: Recessed button on underside of the adapter. Performs equivalent of a power-cycle.”

What does a power-cycle do to an XBee module’s configuration and how does it differ from pressing (multiple presses) the iDENT button?


Pressing the Reset button for the XBee modules on XBIB boards is equivqlent to the power-cycle.

Please refer the page number 13 of the following document “http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/90000891_E.pdf”, which describes Commissioning and identity behaviors of different XBee modules.


Reset is just a reset. Depending on your XBee settings, it may have no impact. It is certainly NOT like the Ident button, and it never does a ‘factory reset’.

If your adapter is an end-device, it will still assume it can rejoin the previous parent.

If your adapter is a router and JV=0, then it acts much like end-device - it resets but assumes it’s old associate peers still exist. If JV=1, then it confirms it can locate a coordinator and changes channels if required to find one.