Question about MT command for Xbee-900HP in API=2

I have a few question for MT command?

  1. Will the MT command send the entire API packet (frame) or will it just re-send the RF data?

  2. If the MT = 3. Will the user micro-controller receive 3 RX-indicator API packet or 4? Or will they only receive 1? I need to know how many receiving packets are sent out over the UART port when MT is above 0.

  3. How can I configure the time between re-broadcast. That is if I set MT=3. How can I make it send every 100mS.


An API frame is only a data stream specific for issuing gets and sets to the local radio via its UART. Only the Data payload is sent over the RF port along with some special characters that indicate the hopping channel, pan ID, number of hops, path it is to take and the destination address.

Regardless of the MT value, only one copy of the packet will be sent out the UART of the receiving module.

You can use the NN command to control the delay slots between packets.