Rainbow USB Hardware keys

Hi everybody

I will need to use the AnywhereUSB Ethernet to 5 USB port hub with one or more Rainbow USB Hardware Keys (Rainbow USB SuperPro); I tried to run “AwUSBCheck.exe” on the machine where the USB key is phisically connected, but it says that “0 USB Device Found”.
Do you know where I can find a complete compatibility list?
Or better: have you ever experienced the usage of the USB hub with Rainbow hardware keys??


Hi Alessandro,

Many customers use various USB hardware keys with the AnywhereUSB, so your Rainbow USB SuperPro should be compatible.


We are using an AnywhereUSB concentrator with a Rainbow Sentinel USB key and it is working fine. One thing to note; A single host can communicate with several USB keys plugged into a single concentrator, but if you have two USB keys for two separate hosts, you will need to install them in two different concentrators. You cannot have two hosts talking to the same concentrator.


Thanks for jumping in with the additional information. We’ll definitely make a note of it.

Take care,

Mike Swift