Remotely Program and control of Arduino

I Need to Program and operate several (4-10) Remote inaccessible located Arduinos from one location
Once installed it will be very difficult to get to the Arduino’s however I can get within 100 feet of each one individually. The Arduinos are in several location as far as one mile apart (Not necessary to access all of them from the same location ( I can get to within 100 feet of each one individually )).

PS I am not a programming professional and the finished project must be understandable and maintained for several years (10+) by multiple persons.

I have “Arduino Mini” and XBee S2 radio’s mounted on XBee USB adapter.

Earnley Dawson


Sounds like you are looking for someone to create and maintain a product for you. If that is the case, may I suggest you talk to Digi Sales or Digi’s Code Development group?