Restart devices


we are developing a monitoring system for a wind farms, using 25 RS485 Xbee Pro Adapters from Digi, in an inaccessible location and with very hard environmental conditions.

Should I restart externally RS485 adapters? Does this fact (the peridiocal reset) affect the network?

Usually, in other systems with other types of devices and technology, we restarts devices (we turn off-on the power supply) with an external timer that reset every day, but I’m not sure if is it neccesary with the 485 Digi Adapter.

Thank you very much.

any suggestion?


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Hello, I didn’t see any replies to your original question and was wondering if you still had the same question? If so, I don’t see any reason to have to power cycle the adatpers. You may have done that previously to acccount for the previous adapters you were using, but it shouldn’t be necessary with our DIN adapters. I hope this helps!