Rom image overwritten


We started to see some devices that not boot. They must have been OK at some point since they have been started up duirng production or at least enough OK to start up.

We use NS9215.

When we look in the memory it looks like the rom.bin is not complete.

We expect it end at 0x50011BFB but the two that did not work
ended at 0x50010CE9 and 0x50010E2D.

We checked a couple of devices that did work and one of them also looked as some of the image was missing, memory ended at 0x500119CA the rest was FF.

Another device that we saw a similar issue with did go thru a serie of power cycles.

The rom image uses more than one flash sector and in some cases it seems like it has been “erased” (just FF) from the where the new sector begins.
Rom image can yse more than one sector right?

I guess it can be some application code that does not behave but since it may seem to happen in combination with power cycle I wonder if can be something else?

Any comments would be appreciated.


You should check with Digi Tech Support…

Refer also… could help…

Thanks for your reply. Yes the digi support is an option. It costs money but it is of course worth it.