RSSI measurment on specific link


in a ubiquitous project i try to determine the relative position of a
xbee node by measuring the RSSI value from several xbee anchors nodes (nodes with fixed and known position).

I am using the ZNet 2.5 Firmware and the xbee-arduino library.

In a simple scenario, only one Node and a Coordinator it works perfect
via a DB RemoteAtCommand.

But with more anchors a Problem occurs. If I send a DB command from a
specific anchor to a node this does not always send the DB command
directly to the node with I search. I guess the package is normally
routed through the network.

Since the DB-command only returns the rssi from the last link I get
for all anchors the same rssi value.

Do you have any idea how to force a package to travel on a direct
link ?
I was thinking about manipulating the routing tables but i have no
idea if it is possible and how. Maybe it is possible by reducing the
allowed hops to 1?

Any other ideas how to fix this problem are appreciated.

thanks in advance.

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