Run Time Error: Permission denied

I’m trying to add an additional external interrupt to my code. When I call setExtInterrupt() I get a Run Time Error: Permission denied. The error points to a totally unrelated routine in another file. It doesn’t tell me anything about what the problem might be.

Does anyone have any idea? What can cause Permission denied?

It’s probably not totally related to the setExtInterrupt() call. I saw the same problem earlier when I was working on some other code. I had to back out the changed code to get rid of the error at that time.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.


After looking at this problem a little closer, and enabling verbose mode in RIO_SBC.LIB, I see that when I make a call to setExtInterrupt, the RIO_SBC function _riosbc_set_function returns with -13 which is an EACCES error. indicating “resource needed by this function is not available.”
It may also mean “no open match register found.”

Anyone know what all this means. I’m just trying to create an external interrupt on a pin (DIO-3).

I already have an interrupt on DIO-9 which is set up exactly the same way and is working fine.