SE profile and interfacing to a Smart Meter

Can you discuss the following:

If I have a SE complient electric meter such as an Itron OpenWay CENTRON meter in a ZigBee network what device acts as the co-ordinator? That is, I have been told with a smart meter in the network, the Digi X2SE acts as an in-home display (as a router?). Is this correct. Does this mean the meter is the co-ordinator and if so what effect does this have on the network?

How does this effect scripting in the X2SE. Also, is there a Python module for setup and accessing meter data over ZigBee from the X2SE.


Hi rubout,

It sounds like you have a lot of questions in general about the X2SE. Here is a link that contains the products documentation:

To answer you questions directly:

The X2SE acts as the coordinator in terms of mesh topography.

The X2SE in terms of overall functionality may be considered a router because it can move IP traffic to the mesh network, and vice versa.

This does affect python scripting some. Mostly when you are trying to determine the current state of the network, however its fairly easy to figure out if you’re the coordinator or not. It does not affect how one would express unicast messages across the mesh network.

The X2SE has a python API for this. You should check out the wiki: and search for XBee and socket articles for both examples and explanations of the various APIs.

Some may not be compatible as you are using X2SE and I’m not sure which ones (if any) aren’t.


Thanks the info is much appreciated.