Sending TXRequest with address of zero bricks SX(DM) nodes

Similar problem to our other question on different hardware: we have recently discovered that sending a TXRequest to an SX node (DM firmware) with the address64 field set to zero will “brick” that node - the node can still be located with an ND command on another node, but sending data to that node silently fails. Conversely, any subsequent TXRequests to that node from the local serial port silently fail - they are neither acknowledged with a TXStatus of either sucess or failure, and no data is sent on the network. This persists until the device is reset or rebooted.

Someone explain to us how this is valid operation, and/or how to get our nodes to exit this apparent “lock-up” state! I have never seen any documentation stating that an address of zero would cause a device to stop responding!