set sharing command

I have updated a Digi Connect ME with firmware version 2.6.5 (82001116_J1 04/21/2008). In the J1 firmware release notes, at the end, it says: up to 32 clients can share a serial port, this is configured using the ‘set sharing’ CLI command described in the “Command Reference” document.

I’ve been searching in the “Command Reference” document and I haven’t found anything about that command.

So, please: where could I find any documentation about serial port sharing, with multiple connections, and how it works?

Nobody there? ._.

It hasn’t been added to the command line reference guide yet. What information are you looking for?

Thanks for your reply.

Well, indeed, as much information as is possible. But at least, a short explanation of how this mode operates.

  • Is all the data from the different socket connections mixed?
  • Is the data from the device sent to all the socket connections?
  • Is there any way to “speak” with only one of the connections, while the others are “waiting”?

That kind of questions…