Setting APN with login et password


I’ve received a Sarian HR4420 to connect an inverter Solar Edge to the web.

DHCP part is ok.

But what can I do to set up when the APN is associated with login et passwd ?

I go the the GPRS setting to fill APN field.
I’ve read that I have to complete a PPP profile but what exactly to fill because there is a lot of field to complete :wink:

Thanks for your help.

Hi legrandse,
To configure the wireless WAN connectivity you need 3 CLI commands:
modemcc 0 apn
ppp 1 username
ppp 1 password

Or if via the GUI, configure the APN, then just add the username and password to PPP 1. Dont change anything else in the PPP parameters, usually the default settings are fine.

Dont forget to save the config.

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