Setting URL for data upload in DIA


How does the DIA determine the URL of the destination server for data uploads? It seems to default to the setting in the iDigi Server Address window of Connection Settings on the GW thru the presentation driver:


Specially it seesm to determine the URL in the Digi idigi_data module.

Can a user upload DIA data to an iDigi server at a URL different from the ‘iDigi Server Address’ setting in the GW web UI?



The intention of the Dia ‘iDigi_upload’ or ‘iDigi_db’ is that it obtain this information (eventually including security) from the Digi device settings. So no, by definition, this should not allow talking to 2 iDigi servers, one for management and one for data.

Plus keep in mind, the plan is to move the Dia upload to be compressed into the iDigi ‘manager PRO’ channel, which should greatly reduce cellular costs due to socket & hourly roundups … but only if you want you data to go to the same server.

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