Setting Xbee DO (Data Out) to Tri-State?

I’m connecting a Xbee module to the a serial interface of a MPU (Atmel).
The same DO/Rx and DI/Tx go to a USB bridge chip through a 1K resistor on both the Tx and the Rx lines.
The USB is used to update the MPU firmware.
When connecting the USB there is a way to generate a signal that resets the MPU to start loading and can also be used to reset the Xbee…

Is there a way to set the DO (Data Out) pin of the Xbee to Tri-State?
Will holding the RESET signal Low do the trick (while connecting the USB)?
Or shall I add an external Tri-State buffer on the Xbee DO line?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You will need to use an external tri-state buffer.

Will do.