Signaling with host and transforming data


I’m trying to do the following…

In a network of 802.15.4/ZigBee devices, there will be

  • Nx Beacon Masters (BM)
  • Mx Beacon Receivers (BR)

A BM broadcasts a beacon message wirelessly periodically.
A BR, upon receipt of beacon from an associated BM must collect data and send to BM.

BM and BR are XBee Pro programmable devices with a “host” running either embedded ARM Linux (BM) or a microcontroller (BR)

Here’s what I want to do… upon receipt of data, I want the BR’s XBee to ignore anything that’s not a beacon from its BM so that the BR’s host does not see anything. Ideally, the BR XBee should never forward data to the BR host, it should toggle a GPIO line to signal the BR host that it can send data.

In the beacon message will be a 64bit number. When the BR host sends data, the BR XBee should either append or prepend the 64bit number to the data sent by the BR host.

Is this something I could accomplish with the programmable XBee Pro? Or should I be looking at the more robust 802.15.4 solutions running contiki?