Simple Chat


I want to start programming two S2B Pro BBee modules. As a first step I installed the “knight rider” sample application and it worked fine.

So now I want to get to the next level: sending data from one to another XBee. For this I installed the “simple chat” sample application. This app should ask me for a MAC-adress of a second module in the terminal. Unfortunately the outputted text that tells me to enter the mac-adress is repeaten at least every second. This leads to the problem that before I can enter an adress the written / pasted text is deleted and I’m asked again to enter it.

Like I found out, this issue appears in every application I install. The only way that output text is not repeated this fast is to use the “delay_tickets(n)” function. But even if I pause this loop, write down the adress and then press Enter, there is no reaction - I’m just asked again to enter the adress…

Can anyone tell me, if this is an known issue? Or is there someone who can help me with a getting started guid for programming XBee? I just found the first steps in Code Warrior and the example applications. Is there another documentation about programming XBees?

Thanks a lot!

Hello Chris,

Could it be that you have connected the “serial loopback” jumper of the XBee Interface Board device? It is just in front of the USB connector of the board.


i m the new member this site is very helpfully for me :slight_smile:

Hello c_leifgen,

Did you get these examples working? Also, this post fits better in XBee-PRO ZB Programmable forum. Regards,



yes - this little jumper solved this problem. Thanks a lot, diegoe!!! I got the XBees talking - for a little while.

Unfortunately I now got a new problem: one of my module-board sets doesn’t show any output at the terminal anymore… It responds by turning LEDs on/of if I send data, but there is really no single sign at the terminal. I also can’t write anything in the terminal window - no matter which port I use.
Resetting by pressing the reset-button has no effect.