Smart Energy Development Kit Radio Only

I am trying to build a way to read water meters using radio communications only (not communicate by internet/cell). The meters would use the ones approved by Digi using the modules mentioned at:

The water meters mentioned in the above link use 900 mhz. Would the XBee-PRO XSC S3B Development Kit ( allow me to read these meters?

My concern is that the S2 kits and SE kits do not use 900 mhz. However, the SE kits is what’s typically used for these water meter modules is my understanding. I could be mistaken as I’m new to this.

No, the meters listed use ERT technology and are not compatible with any of our XBee radios. The only products offered by Digi for communicating with these meters is the Digi ERT Ethernet Gateway and the Digi ERT Smart Energy Bridge (which will bridge ERT to an XBee Smart Energy Gateway).