Smart Plug AT switch to API

Could someone tell me if there is a way to use API witha Smartplug that is already using AT? Would i have to open it and use the X-CTU program, or can I access this feature through any other means. I am currently trying to setup a BACnet BB2-7040 to talk to a smartplug.

The SmartPlug has no CPU, so changing the firmware to API won’t make any difference.

Don’t confuse YOU using API on a second node with the need to add API to the SmartPlug. For example, I can send API frames from a Xbee coordinator runing API firmware to query the status of a SmartPlug with AT firmware. The API-vs-AT is only related to local serial queries, not radio commands.

Same question confussed me also, I’m gonne buy this smart plug wifi but not sure about brand and quality, gan anybody give some tips?

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