Software and Documentation CD

I received the iDigi X4 Start Kit. It had everything in it except the software and documentation CD referred to in the text of some of the documents.

How can I download this CD content? Does it include the union definition for the API interface?



You should be able to obtain all of the necessary files and documentation on the Support site for the Connect Port X4 or the IDigi site for the same product. If you are unable to located it, I would recommend calling the IDigi phone number on the site.

Thanks for that. I think I pretty well have most of the data from this page, though.

I was looking for the union definition for using the API interface mode in C. It looks like someone has already done the basic legwork for this (as hinted at in the XBee / XBee-Pro ZB RF Modules manual, section 9 “API Operation”, page 87 “Supporting the API”). This section describes an “_apiFrameUnion pointer” when describing the method to capture API ID types. Is this just example code or is this based on someone’s hard effort?

I was hoping this would be on the CD…