Solution to ARINC-573 reading

Hi everyone. Any hint is very much welcome. The challenge is:

My application consists in read data from ARINC-573 bus and makes it be available in LAN. This protocol is mostly used to transmit sensors info to flight data crash recorders. Information is pretty slow: 64 words per second, 12 bits/word, bi-phase mark encoding. Message repeats every 1 second with sensors values updated. The first word is fixed and indentifies the beginning of the frame. My hardware is RCM4000.

What do you think about using serial ports E or F in HDLC mode? Would be feasible? Does anyone have any HDLC sample code I could examine? Any other peripheral sugestion?

Thanks a lot. This poor flight test engineer promisse you a picture of the first flight in case it works. :slight_smile: