Stupid Question Amnesty - Sleep coor

OK, so I’m not getting this… In the Users guide (Page 44) it says that the RED LED will blink slowly when the module is in Sleep Coordinator mode. When I power up a single module, the LED blinks FAST when in SM=0 (Normal Mode), SO=0(Preferred Sleep Coord). When I write SM=7 (Sleep support), the LED STOPS blinking… WTF?

Just got the kit, tried all three modules, using X-CTU, blah blah blah, thought I knew what I was doing…


OK, and no matter which value I put in SM (0 or 7) on the above noted module (Base station let’s say), I CANNOT get my other module (Node 1 let’s say) to sync. The RED LED stay on solid when the mode is awake. It should be blinking when the module is awake according to the manual…