Sun E 450

I have 6 Sun E-450’s on Digi CM 16’s. All except one that does not show up. I have tried using different ports on the console server and have checked the console port settings with the other working ports. I have also compared serial and eeprom settings on the E-450 with other E-450’s that are on the console server.

The interesting part about this is that the E-450 that does not show up on the console server, works fine with a Wyse terminal. I have tried several DB-25 adapters and have swapped the ethernet cable as well.

Even though this does not look like a problem on the console server’s side, I’m wondering if anyone else has run across this before. I have worked with E-450’s for a while, but these particular machines are new to me, so I am not familiar with their histories or maintenance.

Any information would be helpful and appreciated.

By “does not show up” do you mean that it is not auto detected by the CM? Or that you cannot access it from the CM?

Also, what firmware rev are you running on the CM? System status & log->System status

When I attempt to access this particular E-450 I get this:

Enter command (1-16 serial port, P passwd, R remote port, Q exit )
------> 10
Login : sgt
Password : **********
Entering server port, … type ^z for port menu.

Then nothing. When I hit enter the line does not advance. But I can control z out just like any other port.
The firmware is 1.9.3

It acts so much like a serial port/hardware issue, but I can turn around and plug the Wyse Terminal in and it pops right up. Very confusing.

Thank you much for your help.

Ok, you’re connecting to the port just fine. You know the E450 is ok per the terminal…Looks like cabling to me. Easiest test would be to use a known good cable and/or adapter working on one of the other E450’s and verify.

If you can’t swap cables. Use the RJ-RJ (straight thru cat5) cable we provide along with our DB25 “console” adapter, not the one labeled “modem”.

Also, make sure that the baud rate setup for the port this E450 is connected to matches the baud rate which worked on the Wyse terminal.

A baud rate mismatch generally appears as garbage on a port, but sometimes it just makes the text disappear altogether, which may look like the behavior seeing now. Just one other thing to double-check if you haven’t already.

What I had done up to this point was swap adapters twice and swap cat5 cables three times.

After your post I swapped cables again twice but no go, and swapped the adapter again, which fixed it.

More than likely it was a combination of bad cable and bad adapter that muddied up the waters so much. I’m going to have our network people test those cables and I’m going to check the adapters for bent pins, but it’s working now.

Thank you for your help on this. It is very much appreciated.