Supported AMD Flash Parts

Does anyone know if the following AMD Flash parts are supported by the NETOS 5.0 Flash API or will be supported by NETOS 6.0 (for both 16bit and 32bit operation) AM29LV160DB - 16Mbit - 2Mx8bit or 1Mx16bit AM29LV320DB - 32Mbit - 4Mx8bit or 2Mx16bit AM29LV641DL - 64Mbit - 4Mx16bit Thank you - Regards - Michael

It seems like your flash devices are not supported directly, but are very dimilar to the other supported AMD devices and probably using the same algorithms to write. The only thing you might have to change is the FLASH id, or maybe not even that. Try to put breakpoint in identify_flash function and open the memory watch window at 0x02000000 and see what’s going on per BSP porting guide page 78: This version of NET+OS (5.1) supports these flash ROM parts: Manufacturer Part numbers AMD AM29DL323DB-90EI AM29F800BB AM29F800BT Atmel 29C040 29C040A 49BV8011 49BV8011T 49BV1614A Fujitsu 29LV800BA Macronix MX28F4000 Sharp LH28F800SG SST 28SF040 39VF800 ST Micro M29W800AB-90NIT M29W320DB