Synchronous mode DC-Wi-EM


There are two questions concerning using DC-WI-Em modules in synchro mode:

  1. In module Wi-EM pinouts PORTA4 (RXCLK) and PORTA5 (RTS) are connected and placed on one contact. Both of these outputs are necessary separately for data transfer on high speed in USART mode.

The only exit from this situation is to use when receive data for synchronization TXCLK (PORTA0) instead of RXCLK (PORTA4) and using of the internal clock generator (in 1x clock mode).

But it is possible only if the signals on TXCLK and RXCLK outputs in this mode absolutely identical and have an identical phase. Anywhere it was not possible to find in the documentation, whether this signals have the same phase in this mode.

  1. Will the software support 1800 Kbit/s data rate?

As I understand, DC-Wi-EM module was projected for max speed 922 Kbit/s (2302USART2) including start and stop bits.

I need rate 1800Kbit/s with start and stop bits or 1200 Kbit/s without these bits.

Many manufactures mentions high speeds in datasheets but remarks that such speeds will be possible on short time period.

We will need to transfer data permanently. Is DC-Wi-ME support such rates?

I will be thankfull for your answers!