talking to multiple remotes

I just received the development kit and hooked everything up. Now I have a question. If I add another zigbee node, how do I communicate with it?

Will a new virtual com port be created?

I need to connect a number of devices and each one needs to talk to the host independently full time. I haven’t been able to find anything that addresses the issue.

I can talk to the first remote through the serial port that was created during installation.

How do I communicate with all the other nodes?

Another thing. The serial devices I’m hooking the remotes to uses a standard 9 pin female connector.

Do I need to use a Null modem or just a gender changer?

If you add a new node using the COM port, then another virtual COM port will not be created.
I don’t have any experience with multiple USB-boards, so that’s something you can try.

When you add a node, using a COM port, you can find out to which port it is connected by selecting a port in X-CTU, and then clicking “Test / Query”

It’s not necessary for a node to be connected to your PC, that only applies if you want to send data through it, or if you want to read the received data.
But if you want to control each node, you will have to connect each of them to your PC.

I’m not sure about that, but it’s something you can try.
I know that the node works fine when I use a Null modem.

If a gender changer doesn’t work, you can rewire a simple cable using this tutorial: