TCP/IP Rooster Thread Critical Section Error

we are writing one application for digi em/wiem boards. Which has multiple threads. We have one polling thread which will send some poll messages to a remote server once every 10 seconds.The application is working fine for some time but if we run the application for more than 12 hours,then the RED LED of wiem platform continuous blinks. We have put a break point at the LED blink function and found out that the application is calling the customizeErrorHandler function as a result the LED is blinking.This we found out from the stack trace. The error code that the customizeErrorHandler is getting is 0xd. When we map that to the error in NETOS 6.0 help file we found that the error is TCP/VIP Rooster Thread Critical Section Error..

I am attaching the snap shots of the debugger’s stack trace and i have pointed on the cursor when the error handler function is exactly mapping the error in one snap shot.

Can any one tell us what this error mean and what is the work around for this error.