Unable to Connect Xbee Pro with Arduino DUE

I want to connect XBee Pro with Arduino DUE board as a part of initial configuration, yet I am unable to connect it.

I have connected Arduino Board with Programming USB interface to my Windows7 Laptop. I have mounted Wireless SD Shield over Arduino DUE (Serial switch set to USB), over which I have connected XBee Pro S1. I have installed drivers properly. For testing connection I am using X-CTU (Version, but I get “Unable to Connect to Modem”. I am having no clue where I am lacking. I have tried all baud rates & all other kind of configurations, still no success.

I have attached image of its interfacing & what error I get inside X-CTU

Connecting XBee with Arduino DUE + Wireless SD Shield .

XCTU Configuration

Error Obtained

Can’t we configure XBee using Arduino Wireless SD Shield ? Is this the problem ? Do I compulsory need XBee USB adapter for initial configuration ?

Your efforts appreciated.

The boards you are using are not designed to connect the XBee to a PC. You need to use an interface board of some sort to do that.

can i make communication between two arduino due board with xbee pro s1.?
Above question resolved with arduino uno board but with due we can not get access of the xbee pro.
how to connect due and xbee module.?

The XBee 802.15.4 modules are by default, configured for transparent Peer to peer communications at 9600 baud. All you should need to do is to open a COM port to both radios and send/receive data just like under a cabled connection. In fact, you may want to cable up the two devices first and get it working that way. Then add the radios to the mix.