Unable to save DL ( Destination Low )

I have one coordinator and several End Devices that are all in same PAN. I have set the destination address on both Coordinator and all of the End devices to 0x000000000000FFFF.
But everytime I restart a module the ATDL goes back to the Default value ATDL=0x00000000.
I have used the ATWR command and all the other parameters are saved in the non-volatile memory.

(I noticed that MY is also set back to its default state 0xFFFE, after restarting the module).

Is this a bug?

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Message was edited by: Daniel

I have figure it out now.
The only one that could have the broadcast 0x0000FFFF destination address is the coordinator. The end devices are delivered the coordinators serial number as the destination address on association at startup.

Hope this could help someone.



I have exactly the same problem. Having one Coordinator, I want my enddevice to broadcast some data to all other enddevices. After auto-association, DL/DH are set to the Coordinator’s adress, as Daniel said.

Some of my end devices are “stand alone”, so there is no Microcontroller that could change DL/DH back after the association.

Is there any way to change this behaviour? It would be really helpful for me.


Unsure of doing a broadcast from an end device.

Another way maybe to have the end device send to the coordinator and then the computer on the coordinator resends the ‘message’ to the other end devices as a broadcast.