USB Global Control Register and OHCI

Hi,The Global Control and Status Register of the USB-Controller Module (0x90100000) has a bit DISABLE, HRST DRST and HSTDEV. The description does not say precise what this means. I suspect the following behaviour: DISABLE == 1 means that the OHCI-HC and device mode registers are not readable and not writable, (read as 0xffffffff or 0x00000000 or random ?) DISABLE == 0 and HRST == 1 means that the OHCI-HC registers are readable and contain the reset-values, but are not writable. The host-controller does nothing. Is this the real behaviour ? Can any owner of a NS9750 confirm this ? Jochen

DSABL will enable or disable the USB block HRST will enable the host block or keep it in reset (inactive) DRST will enable the host mode or keep it in reset (inactive) HSTDV will select host or device mode