USBanywhere/2 disconnects devices intermittently


I have had trouble recently running multiple devices on the USBanywhere remotely. I currently connect 3 devices, 2 of them through a USB powered hub attached to the USBanywhere and the other directly on the unit.

Devices are:

2x Picolog 1216 data logger
1x USB serial converter (RS485) to ifro pulse module

The problem appears to be surrounding driver installation and conflicting usb communications.

I can run 2 of the 3 devices without any apparent problems but if I add the third, one of the other devices (normally a picolog) will disappear, and the software will tell me to reconnect the device.

The picolog 1216’s install their drivers automatically to work as USB devices, whereas the serial converter (ftdi) allows the COM port to be changed.

By changing the COM port around and physically reconnecting the devices I managed to get all three devices to work for a day before one picolog stopped. I have tested all the units individually and they all work.

Any ideas for a possible solution?



Hello Daniel,

Here are my initial suggestions:

  1. Update to the v3.10 AWUSB driver, if you are running an older driver.

  2. If that doesn’t help, or it’s not applicable (if you’re already running v3.10), click File / Preferences in the AWUSB config util, check (enable) “Use Microsoft Device IDs”, click Save, click Disconnect, click Connect.

Do either of these suggestions help?

Hi Jeremy

I updated the driver and changed the preference to accept ‘Use microsoft IDs’ as you suggested.

Devices seemed to remain stable after this and there was no problem until today after 7 days of the devices being attached one of them has again become disconnected. The only solution to this appears to be reconnecting the USB cable of that unit on site, which equates to a lot of hassle.

Do you have any idea what could cause a USB attached device to suddenly disconnect randomly like that?




Right now I’m not really sure what’s causing the issue. I suggest opening a support case with us (I’m with Digi) so we can troubleshoot the issue in more detail. Referencing your forum thread (#9120) in your support request will be sufficient.

Update the device to the newest version of firmware and driver these king of issues.