USBAnywhere connect script

We currently have a large investment of AnywhereUSB/5 devices.

We are switching to a VMWare View deployment and we need to find a way to problematically attach the Virtual desktop to its specific AnywhereUSB

My current theory is to use DNS names and script to add it to the registry. But it looks like the AnywhereUSB key only supports the IP address.

I need a script that would do the following

  1. Read machine name
  2. Add a key to the awusbsys\IPAddress key based on the machine name

If I could use dns names then I could simply create a dns record for machine1-USB and then is easy to make script create the %machinename%-usb key value.

Are there any other ways to programmatically (without user intervention) connect these devices on first boot?

Download the version of the AnywhereUSB driver you will be using.

Look in the Advanced folder and there is basic information on how to do an unattended installation in a text document