Use router to connect two network

I�m a network engineer, we have two networks one is a global network and other is a private network there are lot of workstations in the private network, but we don�t want to make all the systems visible in the global network because to minimize the risk of worms and virus attacks. My goal is to make only one computer visible to both private and global network. We are trying to accomplish this by keeping files from a private network open to only one computer in the global network by this we are making a connection and also reducing the hassles. I want to use a router switch to connect these two networks how do I do it?

This isn’t strictly a ZWorld / Rabbit questions as far as I can see, and I’m sure there are probably many better forums on the net which could answer this better.

As you have already identified, you need a router to route traffic between the two networks. But you only want the one computer on the private network to know about that router.

So after you have correctly installed a router between the two networks, on the one machine which must see the other network you add in the address of the router under ‘default gateways’ in the network configuration.

In summary:
A router is a device which has an address on each of the networks, and is set to ‘route’ traffic between the two.
The machines from one network which must be able to see the other network need to know the address of the router.

For example, if I had two networks,
Network A uses the addresses to
Network B uses the addresses to

I would need a router, connected to both, and with an address on both networks, for example it could have the addresses and

The all the necessary devices on network A would be configured to know about a router (or gateway) at address and all the necessary devices on network B would be told about a router at address