User Privileges (PortAdmin) on Digi CM32 has more rights than written down in Documentaion

This is the second try to get any information. The first trail was case 1348255, wich was answerd only by an automytic question if the cas can bo closed or not …???

I have to reduce the user privileges of the role PortAdmin on Digi CM32 down to thta what is written down in the documentation. But when you log in into the systeme the role has much more rights than configuration of the port. He can control nearly everything that is declared for the role SytemAdmin and including therefor much to much rights. I need to reduce the role on the WebGUI.

I want to now if this is possible, because I think this is a software bug where the combination of account and role has a wrong default settings. In the documentation everything makes sense.

Please give me a feedback.